Diminishing benefits

Over the years my son accumulated dozens of Lego packs that let him construct different things (cars, planes, boats, etc).…

Strategy and luck

I like strategy board games. Part of what I enjoy about them is working out how they work and how…

Perceived performance reviews

My experience of performance reviews has generally been filled with boring conversations,  feedback that reflected people’s moods, and a sense…

What are job interviews for?

They favour what can be articulated but are rubbish at picking tacit knowledge that contributes so much more to our success at work.

Undermining strategy

The presumption that strategy can be meaningfully divided into formulation and implementation, and assigning each to different groups of people is inadequate to foster optimal strategy implementation.

A dream come true

It is about how I bring myself into management practice to create impact.

Gaining more than MBA

“the things we spend most of our time pursuing turn out to be curiously irrelevant when it comes to seeing the value of a life as a whole”