The Failure of Success

When a few years ago I was at an international conference of about 150 public health professionals, one of the … More


We live in the age obsessed with leadership. Everyone (clearly it’s in an overgeneralisation, but you get my point) wants … More

How We Find Life in Death

“Death is very likely the single best invention of life.” – Steve Jobs Ever since the news of the coronavirus emerged, we … More

Emergent strategy

Mintzberg famously coined an expression ‘emergent strategy’ to make a point that strategy was not all made up of what … More

On (organisational) bullshit

Reading Frankfurt’s On Bullshit triggered a barrage of memories and thoughts for me. To paraphrase Frankfurt, bullshit is so pervasive … More

Strategy as five Cs

The view of strategy as an intended plan is prevalent. But what drives us to develop strategies? It seems to … More

Strategy as control

Developing strategies sometimes has an interesting quality of not really being about developing a clarity of action as action of … More

Strategy as 5As

One of my favourite board games is Azul. It is simple enough that a 7 year old can play and … More

Evidence based

Evidence based practice and policy sounds very cool. It instills a sense of… what’s the word? When you feel something … More

Enlightenment and strategy

In human history, people always planned, plotted and developed ploys to survive, win and take advantage of their opponents or … More

Values and virtues

Whilst I was a Henley Business School we talked a lot about values in workshops and in coaching sessions I … More


These days everyone seems to be in the business of revolutionising businesses. One marketing statement after another claim to revolutionise … More

Failing to fail

What is my understanding of failure? Perhaps not much different to a common view held by many people. Yet I … More

Master and manager

What does it mean to line manage someone? Is it to control and manipulate or develop and enable people you … More

Diminishing benefits

Over the years my son accumulated dozens of Lego packs that let him construct different things (cars, planes, boats, etc). … More

Strategy and luck

I like strategy board games. Part of what I enjoy about them is working out how they work and how … More