Welcome to metamanaging!

My name is Ibrat and I am the author of what’s on this site. I have been fascinated by the subject of management theory and practice since I was a medical student… So I jumped the ship. I am currently doing a PhD at Cranfield School of Management where I study how organisations navigate complex environments to accomplish systems change.

This blog started after promptings from my tutors at Henley Business School where I studied for my MBA*: Dr Chris Dalton and Dr Sarah Mitchell. I confess that I never was a blog reader myself (and never imagined writing one either). But Chris encouraged to write. Well, no. He insisted. He even persisted.

In work and in life, thinking and acting matters deeply. This may seem self-evident, but what seems less evident is us pausing to reflect, ask questions and examine our management ideas, theories and practices. As Socrates remarked that the unexamined life is not worth living. Perhaps, the unexamined management ideas are not worth practising. More on that in my blog. Speaking of which…

This blog largely captures my reflections, thoughts, observations on management thought and practise based on what I see, hear and otherwise get my hands on (i.e. films, books, magazines, etc). But I am particularly interested in how what we call management fits within broader aspects of daily work and life. You might ask why? In my view, we can’t really separate them. Think about it: how much can we detach our managerial practices from the life and the environment we live in? Hence, meta-managing**: managing management, if you like.

This blog is not about pundit advice, predictions, proclamations or pontifications. The writings are often deliberately unpolished just as our conversations with colleagues in the office kitchens or brief chit-chats with friends on the streets.


*MBA is the degree people do when they look for greater heights through broader perspectives, though not necessarily in greater depths.

**Meta-managing simply means putting management within broader aspects of life.