A dream come true

I think it was in 2004, when as a medical student I felt more interested in managing health organisations than patients. Back then I read two books on management education: the Gospel According to the Harvard Business School and What They Really Teach you at Harvard Business School. (Both books were about the MBA programme at Harvard and were more like promotional material, but since then other books emerged that offer different perspectives on the school). Back then I fixed my mind on getting a decent management education with the hope that I can apply it in healthcare to make it better.

I was so taken by the idea of learning about management that same year I embarked on founding an informal study group where like-minded people could read management articles and discuss case studies to learn. Unfortunately, after some effort and advertising that idea never took off (almost everyone who contacted me wanted a certificate which I was not in a position to give). At that time, the prospect of enrolling in an MBA programme was a distant dream, especially in a country where income is often barely enough to cover the essential bills. Yet 10 years later I did embark on an MBA at Henley.

After almost three years since I started I received my final MBA results. What I felt was not so much a relief of having finished my studies, but that my dream and long-time intention became real. It felt surreal… and I am also aware that MBA is not the end in itself or it’s there to decorate my CV and business cards. It is about how I bring myself into management practice to create impact. Doing MBA was a fascinating learning experience, but I am acutely aware that this is not the end, it’s the beginning.

Thank you, Henley Business School!


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